Powerhouse Controls

Meet the members of our team.

Powerhouse Controls is, without question, a player on the global stage in drive and automation systems integration but it's also very much a hands-on, owner-operated enterprise.

The leadership team sets the high standard of excellence that all employees share and that all our clients have come to expect.

Photo of Neil Nicholson

Neil Nicholson CEO

I wanted anyone who chose to spend some time visiting our website to be able to get to know the heart and soul of our organization - our people.

We could put down a bunch of fancy words and titles to highlight the extensive qualifications of our team members but I thought it would be more impactful to be able to read their very own words that they used to describe their reasons to be a member of our team. By reading these personal statements, I know that you will gain an appreciation for the passion and drive that our team has for working in this industry with so many fantastic clients. It is a pleasure and an honor to work with such a talented group of individuals that make up our team at Powerhouse Controls. If you are looking for an outstanding place to work or looking for an integration company with a difference, feel free to give us a call.

Executive Management

Photo of James Jantzi

James Jantzi VP Strategic Initiatives

Business Operations

Photo of Cindy Brown

Cindy Brown

Photo of Deborah Diehl-Wood

Deborah Diehl-Wood

Photo of James Rellinger

James Rellinger

Photo of Jennifer McLeod

Jennifer McLeod

Photo of Matthew Wettlaufer

Matthew Wettlaufer

Photo of Sandy Davies

Sandy Davies

Photo of Wendy de Graauw

Wendy de Graauw

Applications Engineering / Sales

Photo of Chuck Mislo

Chuck Mislo

Photo of Doug Brown

Doug Brown

Photo of Eric Tate

Eric Tate

Photo of Greg Meyer

Greg Meyer

Photo of Jason Beattie

Jason Beattie

Photo of Jeff Bean

Jeff Bean

Photo of Marie Neeb

Marie Neeb

Photo of Uday Rao

Uday Rao


Photo of Brent Cameron

Brent Cameron Engineering Manager - Drives

Photo of Mike Badus

Mike Badus Engineering Manager - Automotive

Photo of AJ Hu


Photo of Alex Kavagoe

Alex Kavagoe

Photo of Bert Claessens

Bert Claessens

Photo of Bryan York

Bryan York

Photo of Cameron Wallace

Cameron Wallace

Photo of Craig Bruder

Craig Bruder

Photo of Dan Dean

Dan Dean

Photo of Dave Van Elswyk

Dave Van Elswyk

Photo of Jason MacLennan

Jason MacLennan

Photo of Justin Strawbridge

Justin Strawbridge

Photo of Kristian Bishop

Kristian Bishop

Photo of Mike Hartman

Mike Hartman

Photo of Olivier Asselin

Olivier Asselin

Photo of Ping Chen

Ping Chen

Photo of Scott Misener

Scott Misener

Photo of Troy Mount

Troy Mount

Photo of Yuriy Khorkhordin

Yuriy Khorkhordin


Photo of Greg Neeb

Greg Neeb


Photo of Gord Vandersteldt

Gord Vandersteldt Fabrication Manager

Photo of Brad Jesson

Brad Jesson

Photo of Chad Niesen

Chad Niesen

Photo of Chad Pringle

Chad Pringle

Photo of Karen McGregor

Karen McGregor


Photo of Bob Bryant

Bob Bryant retired

I started with Powerhouse after 33 years with Reliance Electric. The same level of support and guidance I had from my fellow Reliance technicians as the technology changed has been extended to me at Powerhouse.

Bob retired in October of 2016 after 15+ years of service and is missed.

Photo of Brian Finck

Brian Finck Service Manager

I have been with Powerhouse since 1995, it is a unique environment, unlike anywhere else I have ever worked. Come check us out, you’ll see what I mean.

Photo of Brian Highton

Brian Highton retired

I’m so proud to be a part of such a creative and innovative team

After almost 12 years with Powerhouse, Brian retired in November 2016.

Photo of Bob Karn

Bob Karn retired

Nine years ago, I was trying to decide “retire or work”. Powerhouse Controls approached me with an offer in sales which I accepted.

The company has proven to be an exciting and challenging place to work. Nine years later but with the perspective of 50 years total on the job experience, Powerhouse has lived up to all of my expectations.

Bob retired in June 2016.

Photo of Andy Riddell

Andy Riddell retired

My goal has always been to be part of an organization that is owned, managed and employs locally but is globally focused. Fortunately for me Powerhouse was right around the corner in Stratford.

Andy retired in June, 2017 after twelve years at Powerhouse.

Photo of Atje Tuyten

Atje Tuyten retired

I have been employed at Powerhouse since Oct 1995. I believe that the almost 19 years employed is a testament to my commitment to Powerhouse and the company to their employees. Any company with the longevity of almost 20 years has certainly proven that they are able to weather the ups and downs of being in business.

After 18 years of dedicated service, Atje became the first employee to retire from Powerhouse. She will forever remain a member of our team in our hearts.