Powerhouse Controls

Meet the members of our team.

Powerhouse Controls is, without question, a player on the global stage in drive and automation systems integration but it's also very much a hands-on, owner-operated enterprise.

The leadership team sets the high standard of excellence that all employees share and that all our clients have come to expect.

Photo of Neil Nicholson

Neil Nicholson President

I wanted anyone who chose to spend some time visiting our website to be able to get to know the heart and soul of our organization - our people.

We could put down a bunch of fancy words and titles to highlight the extensive qualifications of our team members but I thought it would be more impactful to be able to read their very own words that they used to describe their reasons to be a member of our team. By reading these personal statements, I know that you will gain an appreciation for the passion and drive that our team has for working in this industry with so many fantastic clients. It is a pleasure and an honor to work with such a talented group of individuals that make up our team at Powerhouse Controls. If you are looking for an outstanding place to work or looking for an integration company with a difference, feel free to give us a call.

Executive Management

Photo of Doug Brown

Doug Brown VP Sales / Marketing

Prior to joining Powerhouse Controls over 15 years ago I was in a senior management role at a major international corporation. My desire to have ownership in an innovative drives and automation company led me to Powerhouse Controls, a decision I have not regretted.

Photo of James Jantzi

James Jantzi COO

I enjoy working with the innovative and talented group of people that make up our team at Powerhouse. With a large variety of project types, industries, size and scope, we are always experiencing new challenges whether it is repairing old equipment, or integrating the newest leading edge technologies to provide solutions for our customers. I really enjoy seeing a machine that is running flawlessly and having our customers extremely pleased with the value that Powerhouse has provided with our solution. But it’s not always about work; the social activities and family events are some of the most enjoyable things that we do as comrades and friends. To me, the teamwork, dedication, and determination of our team is outstanding, and I look forward to continuing to grow our team with more talented and motivated people.

Photo of Jeff Bean

Jeff Bean Nashville Operations Manager

During my career at Powerhouse Controls I have had the opportunity to expand my knowledge by being exposed to an assortment of different manufacturer's control platforms and a variety of different machine applications throughout the world. I have enjoyed the diversification of work and the learning opportunities that have come with each new project. The support from fellow employees and the administration of Powerhouse Controls has been second to none.


Photo of Cindy Brown

Cindy Brown

When I first came to Powerhouse I thought I was going to order pens and coffee. The job has become so much more than that and I have learned a great deal about Purchasing and the drives industry in Canada and internationally. Our active Social Committee plans fun events and meals for all to enjoy.

Photo of Deborah Diehl-Wood

Deborah Diehl-Wood

I feel incredibly blessed and grateful to be part of the original core Powerhouse group, whose desire and driving energy was to build an admired company from the ground up.

As Powerhouse has grown, each person has been challenged and encouraged to extend ourselves to develop individually as well as be part of a great team.

My main priority as Contract Administrator and Inside Sales Support, it is to provide excellent customer service while remembering one of my favorite quotes “People may forget what you said and people may forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”.

Photo of Wendy de Graauw

Wendy de Graauw

I work within a group that I believe in. I get to collaborate with great people throughout the organization on challenging diverse projects. I can't think of any other employer that does what they do for their employees, personally and professionally. It's encouraging.

Photo of Jennifer McLeod

Jennifer McLeod

Although I have just become a part of the Powerhouse family, I can already feel a sense of belonging. Everyone has been incredibly welcoming and I am very excited to be on this next journey of my life at Powerhouse.

Applications Engineering / Sales

Photo of Jason Beattie

Jason Beattie

The reason why I chose to be a part of the Powerhouse team was that it is an employee owned company. Being part owner in the company provides motivation and a sense of accomplishment that you won’t find working in a large corporation.

Photo of Greg Meyer

Greg Meyer Account Manager

Very excited to be working for such a great company. The entire staff is extremely professional and dedicated to meeting and often times exceeding the needs of their customers.

Photo of Chuck Mislo

Chuck Mislo

In January 2007, at the suggestion of a good friend, I resigned from a lucrative job at Siemens, USA to embark on a new and exciting challenge, establishing the US Division of Powerhouse Controls. More than six years later I am extremely honored to still be a part of this phenomenal team of engineering professionals. I personally recommend Powerhouse Controls as an exciting and rewarding career path for anyone who wants to be a part of the premier automation and drives system integration team in the industry today

Photo of Marie Neeb

Marie Neeb

Why I chose Powerhouse, three reasons:

  • Love the people – It’s like a small family, where I now count many as my indispensable friends.
  • Love the challenge – Always room to grow and discover new technologies.
  • Love the flexibility - Mold your job to meet your professional and personal goals.
Photo of Uday Rao

Uday Rao

Powerhouse Controls is a growing automation and drives integrator with a diverse portfolio. These are exciting times and I look forward to contributing towards the company’s growth.

Photo of Eric Tate

Eric Tate

I have known Powerhouse and several of the employees for many years. I always thought it was a great company. Now I have the good fortune to be a part of it.


Photo of Olivier Asselin

Olivier Asselin

I’ve been welcomed on the engineering team with open arms. At Powerhouse Controls we work on projects involving software, hardware and mechanical design making for a wide range of challenges and excellent learning opportunities. I’m looking forward to the projects to come, and the chance to travel the world.

Photo of Mike Badus

Mike Badus

I enjoy working at Powerhouse because of the challenging projects we take on and because of the team environment and culture of innovation that drive us to succeed as a company.

Photo of Craig Bruder

Craig Bruder

For me, Powerhouse Controls is a company where I am challenged to do the best work I can on a daily basis. One of the primary reasons for this is due to the exceptional staff who are all experts in this field, and who inspire me to keep pushing myself to reach my goals.

Photo of Brent Cameron

Brent Cameron

I chose to be a part of this team because of the family atmosphere and the varied challenges that are encountered from project to project. The satisfaction of knowing that my efforts matter to the company and our customers is what really keeps me going day in and day out.

Photo of Bert Claessens

Bert Claessens

I have worked for several organizations before joining Powerhouse and this is a different company. Everyone here is family and everyone works together for our customers

Photo of Ping Chen

Ping Chen

Friendly working environment, opportunity to work in many areas of the business.

Photo of Debbie Cook

Debbie Cook

Working is fun again! I am happy to be working with a team of enthusiastic, helpful and knowledgeable professionals. After many years in the industrial automation industry, mixing hardware and software engineering, with project management on exciting projects is a great combination.

Photo of Sandy Davies

Sandy Davies

Started at powerhouse because of the exciting co-op program, and stayed because of the unique and challenging project opportunities and colleagues who are now good friends.

Photo of Dan Dean

Dan Dean

After 18 years in the integration industry, it’s no secret that taking care of the customer is the key to success. The management and team at Powerhouse Controls focus on taking care of the customer and delivering results. It’s a great environment to be a part of, and I’m proud to be part of the team.

Photo of Mike Hartman

Mike Hartman

It was evident that Powerhouse Controls was an environment where even the most experienced individual would be challenged and could continue to learn and grow. I’ve not been disappointed – with nearly two decades Controls Engineering experience in a multitude of industries I’ve never worked with a more talented, knowledgeable staff with such wide ranging expertise. Professional qualifications aside, customer or employee – you’ll never work with friendlier bunch.

Photo of AJ Hu


I love to work with the incredibly talented professionals to grow and improve together every day with the company.

Photo of Alex Kavagoe

Alex Kavagoe

Powerhouse gives me ability to explore new ideas and watch them evolve into tangible outcome. It gives me a great opportunity to experience diversity of different challenges and to set new goals. Experience base at Powerhouse provides a healthy environment for learning and personal development.

Photo of Yuriy Khorkhordin

Yuriy Khorkhordin

I am excited to be part of a team of professionals that excel in Automation and Drives.

I am looking forward to learning something new every day and keeping my skills on the cutting edge of the industry.

This job is certainly never boring!

Photo of Jason MacLennan

Jason MacLennan

I chose to be part of the Powerhouse team to be involved in a variety of technically complex projects in a variety of industries. I stay with Powerhouse because of the family environment and the team atmosphere when working through projects.

Photo of Scott Misener

Scott Misener

I enjoy the challenges and the ability to learn about all different industries and processes. While the tools and fundamental devices that we use are typically the same, the way in which they are applied is different for every project. This keeps the job interesting and requires us to be continually learning.

Photo of Troy Mount

Troy Mount

I have been in the industrial field working with drives for 25 years. The chance to be an owner in an employee owned company was what attracted me to Powerhouse. I have enjoyed being part of an innovative and talented group of people that make up the Powerhouse team.

Photo of Justin Strawbridge

Justin Strawbridge

I enjoy the challenges and love the close proximity to home.

Photo of Dave Van Elswyk

Dave Van Elswyk

Since joining Powerhouse I have been provided challenging but engaging work. Following a project from its development in the office to one of the many unique work environments of the industry is exciting and rewarding. Developing solutions alongside the team of friendly and extremely talented professionals makes every workday an enjoyable experience!

Photo of Cameron Wallace

Cameron Wallace

I love the rewards and challenges of project work and am delighted to add my experience to our team of talented individuals.

Photo of Matthew Wettlaufer

Matthew Wettlaufer

Why I Love Powerhouse

  1. I get to be part of an incredibly talented team that routinely overcomes challenges that others are scared to touch.
  2. We are a team in every sense of the word. Anybody will drop what they're doing to give you a hand.
  3. Every project is unique. There is always something new to learn and a new challenge to overcome.
  4. There is something immensely satisfying about watching your hard work come to life in front of a satisfied customer.
Photo of Bryan York

Bryan York

For those of us just out of college, we many times end up taking the position we can get rather than choosing an employer. With Powerhouse, I couldn’t have hoped to be discovered by a better company. They have treated me like family from day 1 and, although the assignments are oftentimes challenging, no one has ever refused to dive in when I need help. To a new recruit, that can mean more than anything.


Photo of Greg Neeb

Greg Neeb

No better place to get a chance to travel the world while working

Co-op Students

Photo of Riley Lamers

Riley Lamers

Working at Powerhouse is a great opportunity as a student. Everyone is friendly and willing to help, to explain, and to teach. I’ve learned a great deal in my first two weeks and am glad to already be involved in meaningful work on exciting projects.

Photo of Jiaming Wu

Jiaming Wu

Powerhouse Controls is a company where I experience lots of challenges, obstacles, work projects, and also a sweet home with inspiration, friendship, and fun. It is where I see various aspects of this huge industry and get a chance to have my hands on the actual machines and panels. This is where I enjoy my work and learn a lot from it.


Photo of Gord Vandersteldt

Gord Vandersteldt Fabrication Shop Manager

I enjoy working with a talented group of people. Everyone takes pride in providing a quality product. The close-knit, family atmosphere makes it a pleasure to come to work every day.

Photo of Karen Baker

Karen Baker

I have been here a long time because of the team atmosphere & plan to be here as long as I can.

Photo of Brad Jesson

Brad Jesson

Powerhouse is truly a company that emphasizes teamwork. It’s a great experience to work in such an atmosphere.

Photo of Chad Niesen

Chad Niesen

The Powerhouse panelshop is a great shop to work in. And the people at Powerhouse are always working to build our panels with quality and pride.


Photo of Bob Bryant

Bob Bryant retired

I started with Powerhouse after 33 years with Reliance Electric. The same level of support and guidance I had from my fellow Reliance technicians as the technology changed has been extended to me at Powerhouse.

Bob retired in October of 2016 after 15+ years of service and is missed.

Photo of Brian Finck

Brian Finck Service Manager

I have been with Powerhouse since 1995, it is a unique environment, unlike anywhere else I have ever worked. Come check us out, you’ll see what I mean.

Photo of Brian Highton

Brian Highton retired

I’m so proud to be a part of such a creative and innovative team

After almost 12 years with Powerhouse, Brian retired in November 2016.

Photo of Bob Karn

Bob Karn retired

Nine years ago, I was trying to decide “retire or work”. Powerhouse Controls approached me with an offer in sales which I accepted.

The company has proven to be an exciting and challenging place to work. Nine years later but with the perspective of 50 years total on the job experience, Powerhouse has lived up to all of my expectations.

Bob retired in June 2016.

Photo of Andy Riddell

Andy Riddell retired

My goal has always been to be part of an organization that is owned, managed and employs locally but is globally focused. Fortunately for me Powerhouse was right around the corner in Stratford.

Andy retired in June, 2017 after twelve years at Powerhouse.

Photo of Atje Tuyten

Atje Tuyten retired

I have been employed at Powerhouse since Oct 1995. I believe that the almost 19 years employed is a testament to my commitment to Powerhouse and the company to their employees. Any company with the longevity of almost 20 years has certainly proven that they are able to weather the ups and downs of being in business.

After 18 years of dedicated service, Atje became the first employee to retire from Powerhouse. She will forever remain a member of our team in our hearts.